Monday, November 23, 2009


Hey Guys...

Goooooood evening everybody.

I am back again after a long time but with very exciting pictures, which, I suppose, all of you also would have waited for. The sender of these pictures has requested me not to disclose his name, so am accepting his request and I herewith thank that anonymous person (Ofcourse anonymous for you all and not for me) from the bottom of my heart for being a helping hand in our re-union process.

So, guys, here it goes...


So guys, enjoy the pictures and write me on this blog itself or you can mail me on your reviews that how many of them each of you recognised.

By the way, I will clarify that I have recognised each of them in the pictures.

So, will be waiting for your responses.

Till then, have great evening and a wonderful sleep with sweet childhood dreams.

Lovingly yours,

Kalpesh Bhadra

(Bhadra likhna jaruri hai, varna VORA naaraaz ho jayega)