Saturday, July 11, 2009

Hi friends...........
I am uploading some photographs of a mini gathering at Holiday Village Resorts, Gandhidham.
This gathering was when Viviene visited Gandhidham. Amit, Kalpesh... (Arey baba not me), Harish & Viviene had joined the gathering in doubles (I mean to say, with their spouses) whereas other came in singles. And, yes the dinner was a courtesy from dear Amit.

तो दोस्तों अब मज़ा लो ये स्वीट मेमोरीस का , I guess all the carmels must be knowing Hindi क्योंकि हिन्दी सिखानेवाली मिसेज़ राजवंशी तो सबको याद ही होंगी ।।

So here we go...................................

Saturday, July 4, 2009


Hi Carmels

This is Kalpesh Bhadra, of Mount Carmel Gandhidham's 1988 batch. Friends, I am thinking of arranging a re-union of our batch i.e. 1988 batch and so have created this blog for all of you to view it and post your various comments and suggestions. You can upload any photos or any material which is available with you all of those golden school days which, I am sure, are always unforgetable for everybody.

Friends, I will give a short brief about me of these days.

I am living in Adipur and having my own business of Shipping in Gandhidham.
Ofcourse, I am married to kyonki finally I got the girl named Manju from Chandigarh to marry and am having 2 lovely kids too. One is daugther Bhargvi who is studying in 8th Std and other is my son Shivam who is studying in 3rd। Bus itni chhoti si hai meri family filhaal but I want to make it a huge family by the way of REUNION and this family will be our family of 1988 Carmels

Friends, I will soon upload my pics soon.

Freinds, we had even organised a mini gathering when Viviene Vaz, hope you all remember her, came to Gandhidham. I will upload some of the pics of that gathering too. I am very very weak in remembering dates and times so dont remember the exact date so please forgive me for it.
In this gathering the batchmates present were:
Amit Bhardwaj
Rajkumar Gupta
Narendra Sorathia (Choti)
Salim Abdullah
Bharat Ramdasani
Narendra Ramanie (Papiyo)
Harish Thakker
Viviene Vaz
Kalpesh Vora
Kalpesh Bhadra
Sanjay Thakker
Dharmendra Ratwani
So, friends you saw, the movement for reunion has begun. All that is required now is your support and co-operation.

Friends, I am very sorry to inform you all that Viviene's mother and our beloved teacher Mrs.Vaz left for heavenly abode recently. May God bless her soul in Heaven.

I am not a computer literate but today when I was commenting on a blog of one of my friend Nitesh Punjani, I came to know that I can also create my own blog, so just tried and see its created. So when you think, you try and when try, you succeed. I have thought of Reunion and I am trying and I know that I will succeed with the joint efforts of all you freinds.

So, till my next log in and comments, a sweet bye to all of you....
With tons of love from Adipur and from India to those residing abroad.