Saturday, September 12, 2009

Hi friends....

After a long time I am back again to see whether this blog has been useful in any way to gather the raw material for our re-union......

But, you see, though after such a long time, if this blog succeeded in gathering even a single response, it will not be wrong to say that the countdown has begun....

Thanks Nitesh (Mamu) for joining this blog and posting your comment.

Nitesh is ex-student of Modern High School where I suppose, most of our Carmels also have studied after SSC. He is one of my best friends since my college days and till infinity. Even he is very much exited with the thought of arranging a RE-UNION and is thinking to do so for his SSC batchmates too. So Mamu (Arey he is Mama of one of our friends so, Mamu in general for all friends) wish you all the best and hope your countdown too begins like mine as under:

Hi, Viabhav and Rahul!!!!

You two are the first ones to begun the countdown on this blog. Thanks a lot buddies.

Hope all the other friends may soon join us and thus complete the whole batch. So, now there are only 117 batchmates left to join the blog.

Its very good to know about you both and ofcourse about Ashish Saxena too.

Friends, Vaibhav is living in Vancouver, Rahul Mody in New Jersey and the teacher's boy, yes, ofcourse our Ashish Saxena lives in Toronto.

Hey, Vaibhav, please post some snaps of all of you, so that we can also see you.

अरे जागो दोस्तों जागो !! विदेश से लोग login कर रहें हैं और देश के लोग सो रहे हैं क्या??

उठ जाग मुसाफिर भोर भयी, अब RE-UNION को न देर भयी !!!!

So, friends, आज के लिए इतना बस, फ़िर मिलेंगे कुछ और समाचार के साथ .... until then see you, tata, bye-bye, and wish you all the very best for protecting your fingers while playing dandiya in the coming Navratri.... अरे यार !! बड़ी जोरो की लगती है जब बीवी धदांग से डंडिया ऊँगली पे मारती है तब... Ssssshhhh!! dont tell my wife about this

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Hello friend. Good effort. Keep going. The re-union dream will come good one day.

Reji Daniel